Welcome! Here you will find information regarding Curriculum Committees, Senate, and Meet & Confer.  We will also be posting information regarding committee appointments for the next 2 year cycle starting in January 2018.

The revised calendar for faculty Review Promotion etc is here: Faculty Review_Promotion Calendar 2018-2019 FINAL.pdf

The list of all University Committees is available here: Committee List.docx

A detailed description of each Committee is available here: Master Committee List updated November 9 2018.pdf

General University Committee appointments we made are available here: Faculty Association New Committee Appointments 2018-2020 Nov 9.pdf updated November 9, 2018

Union activities will be available through https://www.msumfa.org/

The schedule of meetings for Senate and Meet & Confer for 2018-2019 is now available: Calendar of Meetings F18 SP 19 rev Oct 15.pdf